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Suicide Robots for Global Game Jam 2020 at Sheridan College, [INCOMPLETE]

by Daniel Fraser, Kai Zhuang , Shuoning Zhang, Eric Urazbakhtin, David Debono

Runs on Windows 10 OS (built on default build settings for Unity).

Requires two controllers (Xbox preferred with two joysticks).

Mouse needed to start the game.

Battle to (your) death... (almost).  Be the most damaged without dying.  Heal your opponents.  After 60 seconds, the most damaged wins.  If your opponent dies, you win!  Left stick to move, right stick to aim/shoot healing beam

WARNING: this is very much an incomplete build (replay doesn't work).  This was the release at the end of Global Game Jam 2020 (jam site: Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

Install instructions

Unity build for Windows 10.  Extract and run the Suicide Robots applicatiom


SuicideRobotsRelease.zip 27 MB

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